Terms of Service

The contract is relevant on all users subscribed to the site Nutraide.com

  1. Fee
    The user subscribes to one year at a price of US $12 or 10 €. This also corresponds to a diet plan of 365 days accumulated. When you renew the subscription, we have a plan of 730 days and it increases for each additional year.
  2. Use
    Membership is personal, it can not be transmitted to another person.
  3. Privacy
    Data entered by the user are anonymous and confidential.
    The database does not record user name or IP address, and the user can give an approximate date of birth, only the year is taken into account and only the city and countries are used (to know the sunshine).
    Payment data and account data are separated, dietary assistance database is not connected online or locally to the subscriber but only to its alias.
  4. Cookies
    Session cookies are handled by the programming language and not by the software. The site's host has configured the session to store settings in cookies. The Nutraide.com software does not use cookies.
  5. Change of essential data on the account
    Some anatomical data such as weight can be changed at any time by the user. Technical data as the city of residence as well.
    Other static data such as the height of birth year can be changed only during the 15 days of registration or by the webmaster.
    Beyond this 15 day period, the change by the webmaster of this data that do not change really are charged the cost of a subscription except for typos or obvious error that the user wants to correct late.
  6. Termination
    The subscriber can close his account whenever he wants. This does not result in repayment. It can reopen a closed account and the duration of non-use does not result in prolongation of the subscription. The data are stored during the subscription period unless specifically requested by the user to delete.
  7. Journalists and Webmasters
    Professionals who have registered in order to evaluate the online service to publish an article, may request reimbursement of fees. The refund is granted if the article actually brings visitors to the site Nutraide.com.
  8. Dispute
    The user agrees to contact the webmaster first to resolve any dispute.
  9. Validity of nutrient data
    Rates of nutrients are supplied by USDA (United States Department of agriculture).
    These figures should be taken as an approximation (even if they have three digits after the comma). Actually the exact nutritional content may depend on many factors related to climate, terrain, mode of cultivation or breeding.
    Nutraide.com can not be held responsible if a diet based on these data do not seem to provide the desired inputs. This also depends partly assimilative capacities that are unique to the metabolism of each one.
    Nutraide.com undertake to rectify erroneous data on the basis of information provided by users if they are accompanied by good references.

Conditions common to all visitors of nutraide.com, registered or unregistered

  1. Copyright
    Data provided by Nutraide.com to users in the form of tables, lists or pages are copyrighted. It is forbidden to copy or to make screenshots to post them on the Web or in writing. Only personal use is permitted. Only the site can provide screenshots usable on other websites or newspaper articles.
    It is possible for the user to know the dietary intake of foods from the USDA.

The webmaster and author of the software is Denis Sureau.