How to use the calendar

The schedule shall inform the online assistant what you actually eat.


The schedule is a sequence of consecutive days which will start on any date, past or future, or the same day.

The aim is to record the foods and quantities of each day. Each day is divided into three meals plus an extra section that records what you eat between meals.
This division into meals helps to identify component in the calendar, it is not important in itself.

Your records the name and quantity of each food in each meal, and for simplicity, we can compose a meal with recipes:

A stored recipe is not strict at all. If you often eat a set of foods, this is a menu you can save into your personal recipes for reuse on other days.

The interface

The first part, Days Supply, displays the calendar that you have already entered.
You can edit a day by clicking the pencil icon. The content is then transferred through New day (which is news only if you change the date).

Into the left frame, New day, can enter the food for a day.

The first right panel, Your recipes and menus, displays your own menus and the following Nutraide recipes, a list of recipes provided by the site and users.

The interface of the meal of the day

The record button is on top, next to the date.

The four lines correspond to the three daily meals, plus extras.
On each line, you enter the food or menu and the quantity in grams.
You can simplify by combining the food on a line, such as a potato 150 grams at noon and another at night become a menu of 300 grams in one line.

To display a new line to add a food at the same meal, click on the left.
Click on the right to clear the fields on the same line.

Getting a recipe

Assign a recipe for a meal is done in two ways:
- you can click a field to designate the destination, then click on a recipe,
- or instead you can choose a recipe and then click on the field in which to place it.

Adding a day

When the day is completed, click to complete the calendar.

Edit fields are empty and then the date is incremented for adding the next day.

Beware the date: if it matches that of a day already registered, the contents thereof will be replaced. This will be perfect when you edit a day already registered.

Note that you have entered will not be saved until you save the schedule as indicated below.

Modifying a day already registered

Click on the button showing a pencil. The form of meals will be filled with the date of the day to edit. By clicking the button you will replace the original content if you do not change the date.

Copying a day

If two days have a similar diet, you can, once added r the first, click on the Edit button to use the same content and just change the date to add a different day supply.

Save the calendar

After defining the meal of a day, and having added it to the schedule as indicated above, you can save it by clicking the button that is above the history.

You can add as many days as you want before you save the calendar.