Scientific issues

Some details on food and the calculations made by the software.

Food supplements

Can we use food supplements in case of deficiency in a particular nutrient, vitamin or mineral?

Scientists believe that all dietary supplements do not replace the nutrients in the natural diet and no positive effect on the body had been verified. Studies have even shown opposite negative effects.
They are only useful in case of serious deficiencies.

For various reasons related to the metabolism of digestion, the nutrients must come from natural foods.

Vitamin B8

Biotin is called B7 in the USA and Germany and B8 in the rest of the World.

It does not appear in the list of RDI, although intake is necessary, and not in the list of foods because values are not provided by the agencies.
But it is spread in food and ordinary food supplies give more than recommended intakes. It is very rare to have a deficiency.

Other nutrients omitted

The intake of these nutrients from food are not provided by agencies: Boron, Chromium, Fluorine, Iodine, Molybdenum, Nickel, Silicon, Sulfur, Vanadium.

Deficiencies do not exist except for the iodine deficiency is possible if one is misinformed and has serious consequences on child development. It is enough to consume iodized salt to prevent it.

Calculation of life expectancy

Scientific studies and statistics show many criteria that influence life expectancy, and those that influence diseases that reduce it such as cancer, cardiovascular risk, diabetes ...
But it is more difficult to combine these criteria to obtain an estimate for a given person. For example we know that a small school or a poor childhood reduce the EV. But what is the relationship with cancer, with overweight? To get an estimate, we have accumulated a maximum of criteria, have put them in confrontation and made ​​calculations which lead to the nearest estimate possible.

You can increase your life expectancy by following these tips:

The tool for calculating the EV will give you a more complete and more appropriate list depending on your responses to the survey.