Nutraide is an personal online diet assistant that allows you to:

  1. Check your daily diet and track excesses or deficiencies.
  2. Improve your diet and therefore your health.
  3. Dieting while controlling your dietary balance.

How works the dietary assistant

1) Get a $12 ticket: For one year subscription

Registration for one year is made on Paypal by sending 10€ or US$ 12 to .
You can use a credit card through the safe mode offered by Paypal ( There is no charge.

2) Choose your recipes

The site offers a list of recipes already written. You can complete it with your own recipes or typical meals at the command "New recipe".
This will ease to enter your meals by picking up them in the list.

The recipe editor

3) Enter your feeding

Enter your diet during some time.
For each day you add food eaten (or planned), or overall income component meals.


4) Monitor your evolution

Notify your weight the day. The graph shows the evolution over time and compare with your target. It also compares with the theoretical ideal weight.

5) Get a balance and advices

The nutrition plan shows your actual intake detailed daily depending on your diet. It compares the menus with the recommended daily intake.

The record shows overall nutritional intake for a period. If the assessment shows deficiencies, we must refer to the daily nutrition plan to understand where they come from, then change the menus accordingly.

It makes the sum of calories and nutrients and compares them with the recommended daily amount multiplied by the number of days in the period and thus putting into relief the potential excesses and deficiencies.

The software can provide a useful overview from a week, assuming your diet is the same from week to week. Otherwise it requires a longer period.
If you follow a diet, it is essential to have a follow-up duration of the scheme, which can go over several months. Or several years if your diet changes.

Nutrition scheduling.


To establish a nutritional balance, we must compare the nutrient in food with recommended intakes. The software applies by default AQR defined by government agencies depending your profile.
But it is possible to establish directly a diet plan by entering the nutritional inputs you want or you need.

Adapting RDI.

Scientific questions. Details on the calculations.


The software has its own mail service. You can connect directly with the administrator by sending messages to "admin".
You can also contact him at:


The software was intended with the simplest interface possible. However, behind this apparent simplicity are hidden a number of calculations and data. In particular it has a nutritional basis of 7500 food established by the USDA.

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